Words that make you feel.

I think it’s time to focus on some poetry this time. Contemporary poetry. I chose Love and Misadventures by Leav Lang because the cover is absolutely adorable, I mean look at this:


Rating: 4/5.

I love poetry but contemporary poetry is my favorite and I always devour the poems. This book sent Lang Leav to a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to read some more but I have to take it slow cause I don’t wanna read all of them in a single day lol.

I’ve read many bad reviews about this one and I sincerely don’t get it. I know it’s not your typical shakespearian and sophisticated play of words but it really does its job, it makes you feel things. It sends you on a rollercoaster and it’s full of emotions. It’s so crazy relatable to a lot of us, it was an amazing read.

No it doesn’t have complex poems but I don’t think you need complexity when you know how to write and what to say and the author nailed it. The words are real and raw from the heart. No time to pretend.


The legend!

Jimi Hendrix: The Man, The Magic, The Truth, Sharon Lawrence.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I’m amazed by how close to his life I actually got through Sharon. I actually appreciate him more than I did before because of how hard he worked and because of all his sorrow during his childhood.


The only part that I wanted to skip but I read anyways was the one with his estate which I’m not interested in.

I’m a really huge fan of Hendrix and I love how unique his style and music is, you can recognize his guitar so easily, he is the one that stands out in a crowd and the one that everyone loves. You can see from his performances his passion for music and his love for his guitar. He’s always sending positive vibes to the crowd in front of him. I shed some tears when I reached the part about his death, I felt emotional when reading about his hard work and failures and imagining him struggling to pursue his dream, I felt everything about this book.

“A transcendental artist because he seemed to create light on the stage with the music.” – Pete Townshend of The Who.